As an senior executive who worked with Resource Inc on a transition to a new opportunity, I found them to be a highly competent and professional executive recruiting firm.  They were comprehensive, investing substantial time in the vetting out of my background in relation to the position I was pursuing, and I found their interviews to be detailed and thorough.  The vetting process was insightful, focusing not only on the particular content and experiences I possessed, but also the environment in which I was seeking and my longer term professional and personal aspirations.  I could bank on their insights on the target company and culture being accurate, thoughtful, insightful and even predictive.  I was especially impressed with the amount of communication I received through the process, being treated with respect and dignity, receiving prompt attention to my requests for information and candid feedback throughout the recruiting process.  I would not hesitate to work with the Resource Inc. team again and would highly recommend them as an executive recruiter to anyone needing to add talent to their team.

Senior Executive