Manage and control the Engineering/Facilities and Capital Projects for a food manufacturing company. To ensure all activities are handled in accordance with companyy’s mission, business philosophy, ethics, and goals.



  • Manage large projects involving a range of contractors and suppliers. Effectively control the project budget. Source required new equipment and process requirements.
  • Ensure that 100% customer service level is strived for whilst supporting an efficient production department via accurate downtime reporting and effective timely repairs.
  • Responsible for the effectiveness and operation of the Engineering Department and quality standards and service.
  • Plan, prepare, and manage the maintenance budget to deliver the agreed levels of plant performance cost effectively.
  • Plan, control, train, and develop in-house labor and mange external labor as appropriate to deliver agreed plant availability at optimum cost.
  • Plan, organize, and implement preventative maintenance to achieve target plant availabilities.
  • Set standards, organize procedures, and measure performance to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Organize and monitor compliance with statutory and Finlays health and safety requirements.
  • Plan and control maintenance of utilities to ensure agreed availability and efficiency improvements within budgeted costs. Follow all required financial and business cost control, sign off procedures. Keep detailed records of all spends.



Customer Care:
Quality, value, service
  • Works with and through others to achieve standards of customer service internally and externally
  • Develops and sets challenging standards for individual and team performance on customer service
  • Monitors KPIs and take necessary corrective action
  • Publicly monitors performance and holds self and team accountable for providing agreed service levels of quality, value, and service
  • Is aware of market trends/developments and responds proactively
Customer relationships
  • Questions “how are we adding value for the customer?”
  • Develops strong working relationships and has regular contact with the customer
  • See things from the customer point of view as well as Finlays
  • Develops relationships within own business unit
  • Builds a personal rapport with opposite number both within the business and externally
  • Takes time to question and understand the real, underlying needs of customers
Can do:
Personal initiative and the encouragement of others
  • Sets challenging targets and goals for self and team
  • Delegates responsibilities while maintaining support and focus
  • Actively encourages a “no-nonsense” approach – ‘what can we do to sort this out?’
  • Encourages others to go that little bit further regardless of job level
  • Is supportive of others and promotes a no-blame culture
  • Encourages others to fulfill their potential with development and support
  • Encourages others to achieve outstanding results
  • Organizes resources to achieve results (people, time, equipment, capital, etc.)
  • Provides a consistent and constructive environment/approach even under pressure
  • Is prepared to admit mistakes and adapt plans accordingly
  • Anticipates and proactively manages obstacles and set back to achieve results
  • Considers feasibility of alternative solutions
  • Encourages self and others to see things through to completion
  • Maintains enthusiasm and resilience even when the going gets touch
  • Is prepared to manage conflict if required to make progress or achieve result
Valuing others
  • Creates a positive environment where team members value each other’s difference and work together effectively
  • Identifies when team members need support and provides it
  • Encourages personal growth within a supportive and honest culture
  • Speaks well of others, recognizing their strengths and supporting their development needs
  • Identifies poor performance fairly and consistently acts appropriately
  • Gives responsibility to others and trusts them to deliver, whilst maintaining a ‘watching brief’
  • Respects contributions from other areas and work within their agenda
  • Actively promotes team success and provides praise and recognition where it is due
Communication, ethics, and integrity
  • Anticipates employee needs and communicates proactively ahead of time
  • Has regular communication with all levels of staff adapting method, pace, and style appropriately
  • Actively encourages 2-way communication
  • Openly and honestly discusses and debates business issues with others
  • Genuinely invites and values others’ feedback and is seem as approachable and responsive
  • Involves others appropriately in decision making and communicates the outcome clearly
  • Builds trust in the team and with the team to enable individuals to express their views
  • Observes behavior and provides constructive feedback no matter how difficult
  • Safeguards sensitive and confidential information
New challenges
  • Considers and then provides constructive feedback to all challenges and ideas
  • Is confidents to give credit to, and then put good ideas into practice
  • Encourages others to think “outside the box” and challenge existing practices
  • Helps others understand the reasons for change and deal with concerns
  • Puts in place practices which facilitate the implementation of change such as meetings or training
  • Makes informed decisions to make change happen
  • Manages to ensure constructive, resourceful solutions to support the team with change
  • Adapts own approach to meet the changing environment
  • Communicates the benefits and requirements of change clearly
Innovative growth
  • Considers other peoples’ ideas and may apply them further or in other situations
  • Analyzes and reviews existing practices and is able to accept criticism positively
  • Brainstorms for new ideas regularly
  • Actively seeks to implement new approaches and if necessary provide the required time and resource
  • Develops new application for existing processes/methods
  • Allows time for creativity and values new ideas of team members
  • Has a process of system in place to capture new ideas
Getting it Right/Keeping it Right:
Performance improvement
  • Establishes clean and meaningful performance measures and standards, and communicates them to the team
  • Measures “value adding” KPIs ensuring delivery of expectations
  • Encourages team to “own” performance and to identify areas for improvement
  • Aware of gaps in own knowledge and experience and also of team
  • Benchmarks performance internally and externally to drive continuous improvement
  • Encourages cross functional working to maximize efficiency
  • Prioritize effectively for self and team
  • Shares best practice willingly
  • Utilizes feedback to improve performance
  • Understands results required and can balance resources to meet these needs
Delivering value
  • Identifies and eliminates non-value adding activity
  • Identifies areas of weakness or risk and implements corrective action
  • Identifies and addresses gaps in own and team knowledge
  • Identifies where value can be added and delivers against it
  • Maximizes resource to drive results within business constraints (time, money, etc.)
  • Shares own learning with others and willingly adopts to best practice of others
  • Ensures improvement deliver value to the bottom line



  • Detailed knowledge of Engineering within food manufacturing arena
  • Effective communication and influencing skills
  • People management, delegation, and team building skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Commitment and work ethic to get the job done
  • Extensive knowledge of Health and Safety, legal, and Environmental 


  • Detailed large project management experience
  • Experience in building plant
  • Utilities Management experience

Location: Rhode Island

For More Information Please Contact:

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