Position Summary: This position will be responsible for ensuring the overall corporate Systems Process Engineering strategy is designed, implemented and managed with a high degree of efficiency to achieve and surpass outlined business goals and objectives.

This role reports directly to the VP Global Operations and works collaboratively with the Global Operations Team and with other senior level management across the globe.


Position Responsibilities may include, but not limited to:

  • Responsible for ensuring that the future focus of Industrial Engineering is structured around process improvement activities, versus labor standards.
  • Responsible for ensuring that best practices are leveraged from around the world, in order to ensure that there are standardized processes and practices in place.
  • Ensures that all operational processes and technologies are value-add to the organization.
  • Maximise synergies between operational processes and process technologies to ensure return on investment.
  • Reviews ways to maximize the current processes to improve productivity and/or reliability, without the need for investment in capital and technology.
  • Responsible for researching and implementing a new automation strategy which looks at identifying new warehouse technologies/innovation that provides key step changes in warehouse productivity and reliability.
  • Responsible for ensuring sequencing of projects, in order to leverage global scale.
  • Partners with operations and the customer to ensure that the business is providing strategic leadership in the area of Systems Process Engineering.
  • Lead on-site process improvement initiatives/teams.
  • Sits as part of the Global Operations Leadership Team and the Corporate Logistics Council.
  • Collaborates with key staff to prepare and recommend yearly budgets for SLT approval.
  • Prudently manages the organization’s resources within budget guidelines and according to current laws and regulations.
  • Ensures that the services provided are of highest standards possible and in accordance with the company’s standard policies and procedures.
  • Ensures company compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Monitors the progress of all key projects, particularly those which specifically relate to/support the strategic business plan.
  • Represents the company as a member of industry associations and other committees.
  • Assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented to internal and external parties in a strong, positive and responsible manner.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Proven senior-level executive management experience, preferably with FMCG, food distribution sector experience.
  • Minimum of 10 years practical experience in supply chain operations and profit responsibility.
  • Professional engineering degree (industrial/process preferred) with proven track record on driving continuous process improvement.
  • Sound level of experience within a customer-driven global organization.
  • Experience in an international matrix organization.
  • Experience in interacting at the very senior/Board levels of large organizations.
  • Demonstrated record of building sustainable and lean organizations.
  • Strong financial and commercial acumen.
  • Experience managing an evolving and complex environment.
  • A strong communicator who can write and present effectively; able to adjust to fit the audience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; able to build relationships with various stakeholders within the organization across the regions.
  • Lean Six Sigma trained.
  • Ability to travel.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

Fulfill Your Promise

  • Establishes and drives strategy based on stakeholders’ needs
  • Recognizes our unique customer-centric perspective and leads all employees to fulfill their promise to the customer
  • Establishes alliances with key individuals
  • Creates and leads a culture of‘ diversity where everyone understands the role on the team in the success of the organization
  • Creates and leads a culture based on the ‘CARES’ values
  • Creates and leads a culture of safety and wellness that aligns with performance objectives

Leaders Developing Leaders

  • Ensures financially viable development processes & systems are in place
  • Role models commitment and accountability to performance management and
  • Drives overall development agenda
  • Ensures organization is building long term bench strength for all roles
  • Supported by robust succession plans, is a “talent exporter”
  • Creates a culture of inclusion that celebrates diversity and supports the organization’s various diversity initiatives

Drives Change

  • Ensures organization is agile to respond to change
  • Initiates change in response to external cues
  • Possesses a global perspective and visionary acumen
  • Creates effective strategic vision
  • Advocates a learning culture through continuous improvement and change management

Results Oriented

  • Builds a culture of meeting established deadlines
  • Develops a culture of holding managers accountable for team results
  • Builds a culture of eliminating barriers and managing conflicts
  • Sponsors initiatives that drive and deliver continuous improvements

 Communicates Effectively

  • Ensures clarity around strategic goals and business objectives
  • Leverages multiple communication channels
  • Uses candor and openness when communicating
  • Demonstrates visibility across the organization

Financial Acumen

  • Establishes country objectives and ensures alignment with global objectives
  • Creates strategic financial objectives to meet long term business goals
  • Holds people accountable for financial discipline


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